Already from the name chosen, goshhh!!! expresses its mission to amaze.

We take original pieces from the past and represent them in a new light that enhances the preciousness but at the same time preserves the heritage; this is the key style of the brand which was born with the desire to pursue a new path, a sort of new outfit made of bright colours, original materials and unusual finishes and craftsmanship.

The final results are indeed "creations" a sort of  "furniture couture"  between interior design and theatricality.

Each piece is unique.

In the era of globalization  instead of seriality we seek originality,  uniqueness  and excellence.

All work is done by hand and all the materials are the result of constant research in Italy and abroad.

There is no limit to the imagination, the individual pieces are raised to small works of art where forms and colour take precedence over the traditional style so that they become the undisputed protagonists in any style of environment.