Logo Goshhh


                      Lydia and Luca, united by the passion for antique and vintage furniture, with their creations go beyond

                      trends and times.

                      During their travels there is always the desire to explore the unexplored and they are constantly curiously

                      hunting for new ideas of  unusual mixing and matching of fabrics and colours....born from emotions,

                      memories and stories.

                      There is no limit to the imagination, it is a fun game of contrasts and combinations with touches of

                      creative genius which elevate each piece of furniture to a fine work of art. For them, the worlds of fashion

                      architecture and design are increasingly intertwined in the name of a unique idea of beauty.

                      The originality,  uniqueness and excellence are their  leitmotif for the brand


                       Italian HOME DECOR brand which will surprise you with it's vivacious originality.

The essence of  it's  philosophy stems from a passion for the past and for authenticity.

Every item is a part of history; newly clad for a new life, elevating each piece  to  eternal  charm.

Living The Past in the Future

                                                          goshhh!!!  the art to amaze


Our pieces are  not just simple examples of authentic antique or vintage furniture but stunning

transfomations, revamped through the combination of a choice of unusual  new and vintage quality 

fabrics  and  particular  handmade details.

goshhh!!!   creates "one-of-a-kind"  exciting  up cycled,  inimitable,  bespoke  furniture  and  home

accessories  there is no criteria of series,  only that of   "tailoring"  and  unique  made  to  measure

"furniture couture"  evocations of an era to remember the Old Times.

A perfect metamorphosis combining functionality with style, made of emotions and new stories to tell.


                                                                     BE INSPIRED!!!